Monday, September 28, 2015


give her a huge hug and let her know how beautiful she looks if you see her this week. :)

little things that dont fit in a category..
theres fireworks literally EVERY night
there was also a storm one night this week, it felt like the end of the world haha. super crazy weather sometimes!
ducklings are now ducks... i guess i have been here for a while.
my goal is to make no bake cookies and muddy buddies for conference, splurging at its best. wish me luck in fnding the ingredients!
this is the last week before cambios....... ahhh
crazy dog fights this week. ive officially seen a dog pinned and getting its ears ripped off. so painful ..
eclips last night! super awesome
the mision home is awesome. the temple is right outside the window. its across the street. ahh jealousy
la paz and españa is a cross street in central, hah. two countries in one place!
met a lady from england in central that doesnt speak spanish.... buena suerte, mujer
MAMA CLAWS have been coming out this week, let me tell you. i love my investigadores.

funny moments
i asked why its always a crazy storm if im sick, hna ipanaquè said its because the heavens are sad. :)
"hes got a THICK gringo accent." "hes got an accent that doesnt EXIST." haha
trying to ask what the word for garlic was, acting out vampires biting someones neck (bc garlic scares off vampires), hna ipanaquè had no clue and hna hansen was laughing so hard she cried
"theyre so WHITE!" while watching womens conference and seeing the choir
president hansen accidentally dripped ice cream on my camera. so, he licked it. i know have a lucky camera. :)

pablo, my watermelon baby, is (was) super sweet. i ate him in about... a day.
i was unnaturally calm and felt gods love strongly in a lesson that should have made me super angry. god works in mysterious ways.
finally able to share a scripture with hna estella, the tienda lady near our house. shes menos activa and super great. slow and steady, well get her. :)
im gettin more bold in my lessons and talking about baptism more.
thinking back to my first week here... i survived off a bag of peanuts, sharing with my companioñera, for breakfast for the entire week. definitely a loaves and fishes real life miracle.
hna reina gave us roses from her rose bush. super big, super red, super strong scent, lots of love. :)
hna routsong gave me her first aid kit (she wont need it, shes dying next week) and her parents are bringing me a bottle of pepto bismol. whoohooo!
hna graciela is MA, her boyfriend is an investigador. they have been VERY HUMBLED by the lord, they were in la capilla temprano este domingo, and MAN im so excited to work with them. theyyre going to be married. shes going to be rescued. hes going to be baptised. theyll be sealed a year later, and rught in time to baptise their oldest son. :) ahhhhhh so many blessings in one family!
food in the mission home is always the best. we had LETTUCE. and BACON. and BROWNIES. and HOT FUDGE. and CHEESEBURGERS. and MEXICAN FOOD.
president hansen gave all of the misioneras roses at the conference
singing with the hnas sounded literally like angels, the spirit was so strong!
hna cruz gives me so much love and support. such a big blessing.
forogt my water in the pension, prayed for help to get through the day (didnt want to break the sabbath and buy a water). the temperature dropped and we recieved three glasses of cold soda from investigators. siempre tender mercies in tu obra. <3
the moon was SO BIG last night, we watched it rise, it was SO BRIGHT, and then an eclipse. i love the sky! super grateful for the farm land area im in so i can see it all clearly. :)

entrovista con presidente hansen. im so glad hes my president, hes amazing. i trust him completely in his calling to recieve personal revelation for me. i was able to see him three times this week! super awesome. the spirit was super strong in the entrovista. he called me a "wounded warrior". :) you better believe im going to fight to the death!!
putting fechas with hno franklin, hna eveline, and hna yoseline (they really are sisters!). theyre some of my favorites, (although i really cant pick a favrotie i love all of my investigators), and well be adding hno eduardo and hna samantha, a total of 5 BAPTISMS on one fecha, oct 24. its the best feeling, watching people realize the truth and crave to make it a part of their lives forever. (literally, forever).
womens conference! because im in cochabamba (technically, just a litle outside of it..) i was able to go to the special hermana conference in the mission home with the other cochabamba missionaires. (sucre and potosi and others cant, theyd have to take an airplane to get here, our mission is.... big.) it was the pearl of great price themed. the classes were good, and it was nice to meet more hermanas and see old friends, but the highlight of the night was definitely listening to the conference itself. one hour?? no way. it went so fast but it was so good! i liked the first counselors talk the best (forgot her name, perdon..) but of course uchtdorf as well, he is my FAVORITE, we all know. i found life motos in the session and im determined to be better. super excited for this weekend!! :)

reflection time...
so weird to think im finished with training as of next week. ive learned and grown so much, and definitely in ways i couldnt have without the mission. ive seen milagros CADA dia. the fact i can speak and think in spanish is a miracle of its own in such a short time. the Lord has helped me through every step and i know He will continue to do so. I have full faith in Him and President Hansen to guide me in tu obra. theres no greater joy than helping people remeber who they are and whoñs waiting for them to return. <3

phillippians 2:14-15
phil 4:13
1 john 4:7-11. GOD IS LOVE.

have a great week!

ps, forgot my adaptor, no fotos, lo siento.
Hermana Wilson

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