Monday, September 21, 2015

White Diet

ive never liked dieting. but as of today, my white diet is OVERRR! here in bolivia, if youre sick, the doctors asign you to the white diet.. basically, rice and chicken and potatos without much flavor. i celebrated and bought oreos, por supuesto. :)

last week i splurged and bought Trix cereal. here, it still exists in the fruit shapes. my childhood lives on!!!
i discovered our windows are doubled (forgot the word in english). theyre only royal blueish mirrors from the outside, but inside we can see out perfectly. makes me feel a lot better about changing! haha.
they squeeze lemons for salad dressing
salad here doesnt mean lettuce with toppings. it could mean a chopped cucumber, or a tomato, or shredded carrots.
i had my first peach brain juice! its a delicacy, where they cook the peach a certain way, and it sits on the bottom of the cup, and looks like a little brain. but way good! kind of cinnomony. (from a restaurant dont worry)
pepto bismol doesnt exist here. or advil. so... yeah.
one of our investigators sons (age 2) was playing with a machete as tall as he was. talk about training warriors. :)

AUNT JUDY! you finished your book about the tabernacle temple!!! thats so awesome!!! i most definitely want an autographed copy someday! :)
YOUNG WOMEN OF ANTELOPE STAKE! oh how i love my girls. <3 i got a parcel this week full of letters from the girls from camp! thank you so much! i read them as get well cards. :) thank you for all of your kind words & the laughs. thanks for saying im hotter than brad davis and for missing cuddling with me on my cot. ;) mama molina, im sorry you had no one to arm wrestle. rain check? all of you who are considering a patriarchal blessing, GET IT. dont hesitate. i hold my blessing so sacred and close to my heart, i reccomend it to anyone whos able. the words are directly to you from your heavenly father. dont pass up that chance. and all you who are considering a mission, GO FOR IT. &pray extra hard you get sent to bolivia cochabamba bc its the best mission in the world! :)

Elder Cribbs, one of our zone leaders, remembered we had a baptism and asked us how it went. nice to have leaders that care!
dia de mexico! hna ancalle fixed the MOST delicious food, and ive never seen hna cruz (half mexican) so happy! it warmed my heart, la verdad. :)
didnt have shin splints this week!
i recieved a letter from bradley miller!
i have some real quality people that care for me here in the mission, and they came out this week (Hna Routsong, Hna Cruz, Hna Ipanaquè, Hna Ancalle and her family, y Elder Cribbs/Elder Pachas.).
i learned how to incoorporate baptism into lesson one from hna routsong during intercambios. shes the greatest!
hna routsong said i was one of her best friends in the mission. <3 i seriously have so much love for her, im sad shes dying this cambio. :/
when people can recognize my desires to serve and love my investigators
saw hna cicotte and elder wilstead (from my CCM district) at migraciones! so good to see them. talking with hna cicotte lifted my spirits a ton
bus came right when..... i needed it
veggies at dinner! oh how i miss vegetables, and how how i savor them when theyre put on my plate!
hna ipanaquè and i were the only ones who remembered hna fidelia´s birthday. she was touched. so glad we were able to help her have a better day. z3
hno humberto (the bolivian equivalent of zack ludlow) got baptized! he was our investigator, but we realized he wasnt in our area, so we gave him to the elders to teach. hes got a strong testimony!!!
the dog in our neighborhood with rabies wasnt there one day that we passed by. dont know where it went but hey im not complaining. :)
yesterday we didnt have cars again. i saw a dad walking, holding his daughter (2 years maybe) hand. she was riding a skateboard (standing on it) and he was holding her princess umbrella for shade. oh, the little moments touch my heart the most sometimes!!
i was able to recieve a blessing yesterday. the priesthood is REAL; dont doubt it for a second.
hno franklin walked with us for security wise. and while we walked we answered more of his questions. hes scared to be baptized bc he doesnt know everything, but man does he have a desire to learn and hes just golden!
we found hna yoseline!!!  shes one of the people from last week who said she wanted to be baptized. she works late a lot and her brother doesnt want her to be baptized &does all he can to stop her, BUT, as always, God wins. :)
today the zone leaders sacrificed the first couple hours of their pday to help translate for me at the doctors. christlike service right there.

so, yes, i mentioned i was sick. but have no fear, i have my medications and i should be good as new in no time. :) in my blessing, i was promised by my heavenly father that with time i will be healed. among other things. i have firm faith that whatever happens, it is His will, and i know that i will be healed. all i need is patience. :)

ive mentioned before i love my companion. but let me just tell you that this week, i grew SO MUCH in my love and appreciation for her. she has served me in SO many ways this week and weekend. from helping me take off my shoes when i dont have the strength, to little back scratches, to tucking me into bed, to putting her arm over my shoulders and physically helping me through the day... oh, the christlike love and service she has shown me. she has been so uplifting, and not just physcially. she has done her best to make me laugh, and smile, and be positive. she said that shes just trying to show me a part of the love i show her everyday, and that she knows how she felt when she was sick. in all meaning of the word, she is my milagro and especialmente este semana. <3

tender mercies from the lord, is all i can say. i dont doubt or feel alone for single second. whatever happens happens. i know He is with me, and supporting me the entire way. <3

i love you all and have a great week!
john 10:17-18 one of my all time favorites. they didnt take His life. He GAVE it. for US.
D&C 127:2
3 nephi 15:9, 17:7&10, 17:20-24
as you can tell, ive been focusing on christ this week and his sacrifice &love for us. its incredible to me how much love He has. <3

Hermana Wilson
she makes THE BEST guacamole

dia de mexico c/ hna silvano, cruz, ipanaquè, and Ian! 
she decorated and everything, hna ancalle is the best!

one day we walked in and she had made PIZZA. bless her heart. 
heres a picture of the BROWNIE PIZZA she made for dessert.

comidaaa! she even dyed the food for mexicos colors :)

 this is hna carla. she is the aunt of hna emilee (dont have a picture of her, shes  stubborn one, ill have one next week hopefully) and her two sons, angelo and irvin. shes GOLDEN. only problem is her boyfriend, but... its okay. God wins. :) 

not the best picture, but oh well. some of the best people!!! hno rider, hna gaby, and hna arlete. finally have a picture with hna gaby! i love her so much, and ive got big faith in them! hno nibardo´s heart is changing more and more every day. :) 

  one of my favorite places in barrio fabril, outside fredy/yoseline/evelines house (theyre siblings). hna yoseline took us out there with her blanket (special treatment letmetellya) and it was perfect, we related it to the sacred grove, and she accepted the invite to be baptized. :)

peru food! ft pachas. hna ancalle forgot to cook me white diet food one day, so i got to eat this! :) sooooooo grateful.

 hna yosline. oh, ive got some LOVE for her! shes a sweetheart. :) (16 años)

chistosa! take a moment and appreciate for a second that hna ipanaquè got into it this time. :) hahahha. i love it! 

  mi primera saltena!!! :) so good. inside its filled with juice, and food. pieces of potatoes, meat, cheese, chicken.. not really sure, but its su`per delish and ethnic to bolivia! theyre usually sold on the streets but the bishop who hlelps with migraciones bought us all food because it was taking a long time! delish. hna cicotte is holding the peach juice. :)

hno humertos baptism!! elder quispe baptized him, hes on the end. 
i realize it looks like im touching hno humberto.. promise im not. there was a gap. 

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