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AMO A MI FAMILIA. I LOVE MY FAMILY. theyre my number one support system and always included in my prayers. it was such a huge blessing to skype with you all yesterday, you all look GREAT, and i love you with all of my heart!!! thank you for being happy to see me and always encouraging me to be better. <3 until Christmas! bwaha..

if you tell hermana lopardo theres a spider, and then secretly touch her arm or neck, she will JUMP like ive never seen. :)
saw a cholita walking and breasfeeding at the same time. that takes talent.
bolivians are ready to play futbol at any moment, any time, any place.
idk how itll work with Idaho and the snow but i am seriously wanting a moto more and more...

CAMBIOS! duh duh duhhhhh dice la Croods..
hna lopardo: is going to TUPISA! look it up on Google, its awesome and the bolivia version of St George but a lot poorer, and without internet.
e obregon: is going to be with e tatum! he was in sacaba with me and is just a living ball of energy haha.
hna cicotte: is going to potosi! hah, shes going to freeze.
hna ipanaqué: is training AGAIN! her 2 1/2 hijita!! i have two little sisters now! whoo! :)
y....hna wilson: im staying here and hna uriri (i think thats how you spell it) is going to be my companion, shes from perú. whoo!! :)
my ZONE! is CLOSING! syd must have jinxed it yesterday in skype. theyre combining zona cobija with zona tiquipaya, and were just going to be cobjia (closed the LZ area). which is crazy, and means our zone is HUGE now, and also that hna brady is in my zone again! whoo! :)

funny moments
"the cholita doesnt have shame of anything" h lopardo
"odia la sopa (i hate the soup). odia la S, la O, la P, a A" hna lopardo
when i wanted to know how to say lisp in spanish, and asked my comp "how you say when people talk like this" and she said "spaniards"
"you have nails super long!" "no, i cut them!" yo "but you cut me to the bone!" h lopardo
"do you have diarrea?" "yes" "i knew it. you always make that face when you have diarreah."
"papito my hand!" yo ("cut" myself cutting bread) "para que sea real!" papito (pointed the knife at my hand)
"yeah, im ina  trio with the hermanas now.." e obregón (the member left him alone, and he walked to the capilla, and if hno omar hadnt been there he would have been alone with us. thank you omar!!!

hna lopardo was crying, and e preslar gave us part of his Crunch bar (gold). it was his way of trying to cheer her up but not exactly knowing how being an elder haha. hes great.
last p day we went up the cristo in the little yellow ski lift things! which NEVER is possible bc its never open monday but it was "frozen", no work, and so it was open! luckiest missionaries in the mission! bwaha.
i recieved a MOUNTAIN of packages! thank you family and thank you hna cruz and thank you BUDGE FAMILY!!!! i loved your letters and my companion and i loved your easter candy and its great to hear from you!! i love you ALL!! budge family, thank you for being like a second family to me. :)
when hna lopardo was teaching hna abril (I) math, i used the time to study PME & my svriptures. it felt good to use my time wisely and i know its because He was happy with me for my choice of agency.
H Lopardo said i am her favorite companion, and that she has learned the most from me, and that shes going to miss me. it touched my heart and i can say the same in the fact that ive learned the most from her. i will definitely be keeping in contact with her forever.
hna brady opened up to me on what was going on. i had no idea what advice to give her but i listened and i think thats the best thing anyone can do for someone in that situation. just love and listen and be there for them.
my mom wrote me a card and stuck a picture of us inside, super awesome surprise but brought a tear to my eye! i have the best mom in the world and she continues to love and teach me everyday.
hno juan crespo told us they were moving that afternoon to tarija, (its far). w went to their house and i teared up thinking it was the last time i would see them. its not fair for the people to leave all of a sudden without notice, only missionaries can do that! it turned out to be a joke(not funny) but it showed the family and myself that i truly to love them a lot.
hna meri crespo is going to name her hijita after me... thatll be TWO babies of people im teaching with my name. :) well see how many more i can inherit. ;)
we taught hna carla and followed our promptings to read the BOM with her, and she was happy and talking and didnt make excuses when we asked when we could visit her again. YES!
i put my new foot inserts into my shoes and i no longer am getting ingrown toenails! bwaha. i wont describe what the inserts looked(or smelled) like but mom.... thank you for sending me new foot inserts, they were needed. :)
we read the BOM with hna lourdes because she hadnt read bc she would come home from work exhausted and go right to bed... and at the end we asked her how she felt and she said "i want to read more!" it was so sweet and so tender and i know that she is going to be more dilligent in reading because she now has a stronger testimony.
hna lopardo has glasses now!!! she broke them in the CCM and hadnt told a single person until me, and i may or may not have mentioned it to president, and he helped her have the money to get glasses. she was grateful for the help she recieved and hopefully now she wont have so many headaches. she also likes her glasses, which is a good thing. :) shes a cute little bumbleebee. :)
hna lopardo bought herself, me, and the elders keychains. theyre animals and they have flashlights in them. i have a blue seahorse and it sounds like a wolf whistle when you push the button :)
Dios contested my prayer and hno jose wasnt angry when we couldnt help him get money. its a rule that missionaries cant lend money and i prayed hed understand and not give us a hard time.. he didnt! he instead THANKED us for wanting to help him but UNDERSTOOD that we couldnt. God truly can (&does) change hearts.
papito  is now a temple worker (did i mention that he used to be the patriarch? maybe that explains why i feeel like he can see my soul. and that he truly knows how i am and was before this life. one day ill have the answers). he now has a happiness and light in him that he didnt have before. hes alone, but being int he temple three days a week is really helping him feel useful and have a purpose. :)
h lopardo planned for next week with me even though she isnt going to be here
hno santiago crespo (hijo de margod) was super cute saturday night, he was running and giggling and telling his mom he loved her. hes been a little  punk lately and it was cute to see him express his love for margod. she needs it.
hna margod went to church! our huaska worked. :) the night before we flat out asked her alma 5:19-20, how shed feel satnding in front of God when she isnt going to church or staying the 3 hours. she went! didnt stay all 3 hours but she took the sacrameent and thats a start. :)
seeing the smiles of hna lopardo and elder obregón skyping with their families... families are truly SUCH a blessing. there was pure joy in their faces and i can only imagine what mine must have been.
obdience. i know that if i am tryin my best to be obedient, even if others arent... i will be happy. i will have the spirit with me. and that my Father in Heaven is pleased with me. i cant control what goes on around me but i can control myself and that can bring me happiness in a crazy world.

1 talking with my family over skype, but ya sabe. <3
2 i am officially at the point that i can look up scriptures in spanish without needing a dictionary (obviously theres still words i dont know) to understand it or my english copies. :) my hardwork is paying off and its seriously such a blessing. :)
3 hna lopardo apologized for getting so mad at me (something small and not worth explaining), and explained that she doesnt know why i can make her so mad because im her favorite companion and she loves me so much. she explained why she does a couple of things, and expressed her desires to have a good last week together. it was a special moment and a big progress. touched my heart that she went out of her way to apologize and explain.
4. tuesday night we had a lesson i will NEVER forget. the elders went with us for a lesson/NDH with lourdes and jaime, (e preslar´s last time with them. they love the elders because of the miracle with hna lourdes and her blessing, they wanted to say goodbye) and we taught the restoration. the elders did a demonstration with candles- one candle for christ, and one candle for each of his apostles. they demonstrated christ giving light (the priesthood power) to his apostles, and then how it was taken away after his death in teh great apostasy, and how he restored it once more to never diminish through joseph smith. i cant describe it in words but the spirit was so strong and the contrast was incredible with the fire & darkness. it literally brought tears to my eyes, and i felt my heart overflow with joy when the flame was lit i "i saw a pillar of light, directly over my head..." it was incredible tos ee the spirit work in hno jaime, and listen to his responses. for example, when e preslar asked what his thoughts and feeling on christ were, hno jaime (I) testified of peace, and how he forgets all of his problems. i bore one of the strongest testimonies of my life in that lesson, that we truly to have the restored gospel on the earth once more and that those "good feelings" he has is the spirit telling him this mesage is true, because his FATHER in heaven doesnt want him to be in the pain and darkness anymore. i cant remember what i said but i can remember what i felt and i know everyone int hat room had the same feeling. apart from the miracle of jaime feeling the truth and wanting to keep in this path, a miracle happened in me.
not that i didnt know it was true before, but i dont have a single doubt that the Restoration truly happened. i dont have a single doubt that Christ came to this earth, was killed, the truth was taken away, and that when the time was correct He restored His church through Joseph Smith. i have such a greater gratitude for the Restoration and i understand it so much more clearly. it is a message of power, joy, hope, and true light like the flame of the fire. its an act of love from God to His children, that we have this light of the Gospel to give our lifes and the lifes of our families light. I know this church is true. "i know it, i live it, i love it."

may the light enter your hearts as well...
hna wilson

moises 1:1-16 (esp 13 ((my ponderize scripture last week)), 16, 26)
isaias 40:28-29, 31 &41:13 (my ponderize scripture this week)
alma 13:27-29 (put your name in, and picture the Lord as the voice of alma)
1 nefi 17:50-51 (put your trial or weakness in the question at the end).

Hermana Wilson

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