Monday, May 9, 2016

Remember to smile (last week's email)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND SINCE BIRTH, RILEY SUE (B**T) A******!!!! I love you to death ("bolivia and beyond", isnt it?) &hope you have an incredible day &this year is better than all the rest. thank you for always being here for me & you already know im here for you, even half the world away. <3

my hands are bleeding theyre so dry, but the good news is its first of month and i have money to buy lotion!
jumphouses in spanish are called air castles, thought of craig
there was a ferria yesterday in the plaza, it was HUGE, there were hundreds of people and tons of food & music (&barachos)
charque is llama meat and like beef jerky, but harder and not as tasty
lots of ppl like fake contacts here to have blue eyes... ill never be a fan, i like natural better
theres a video i was shown to "hello" by adele but with two missionaries knocking doors, oh i laughed so hard... so much truth to that
our hand soap we bought smells like man cologne. literally....
my compa├▒era and i are wondering how barachos can dance the salsa but when the music stops and its time to walk home, they cant walk and are falling in the street. answers?
its impossible to write in the trufis. its a mix of uneven roads, bad shocks, speed bumps, stop and gos, swerving, etc
theres playboy in some of the newspapers here, in color.. maybe thats why the mission manual says missionaries shouldnt read the newspaper
i halfway taught myself to whistle sucking in air. its a start. :)

funny moments..
"her names hermana WILSA, because shes a mujer!" hnita maite (hhija de fidelia)
"the NDH is going to be in the hosue of members, taylor and antony" yo "oh, are they esposos?" investigator and another one, "no, i think theyre single" e preslar
"so, is she coming, or...." yo " thats her" (points to woman)
e preslar telling us that coming to the mission, he sat by a woman and she told him "i have a bomb and im going to explode it" and he just smiled and said "sorry, i dont speak spanish" hahaahha
e preslar couldnt find his glasses ont he black and white blanket. hes BLIND.
"ESTA BIEN O ESTA MAL?" e macas, trying to contact in kechwa ahahafkn
"como no se conoce!" yo, quoting scritpures in my prayer, and hna lopardo called me a nerd.

president hansen said im a "godsend" for hna lopardo &is proud of me
hna miguelina crespo found peace to her problems after reading the BOM (hopefully she reads alone now... its so sad to me that we can have such incredible experiences reading and then the people dont read during the week. ;/ )
i applied the scriptures directly to the situation of hna innocencia (MA). she is a woman i will NEVER forget. she has a son who has epilepsy, a super strong case, and he is at home all day. his body is shriveled and he cant walk, talk, or do much than flip through the liahona pages. it breaks my heart to see him and the suffering of his mother, but i know he is an angel and i know she is an angel for God trusting her with His child. she truly inspires me. she hasnt turned bitter from the trial God is giving her, she is keeping the faith. she is so strong and so loving and is sacrificing her entire life for her family.
hna miguelina trusted in us her problems with her spouse and family, we were able to testify to her that she can overcome this time with Christ´s help.
we talked to hno juan crespo and got him to laugh. hes changed, he wants nothing to do with the church anymore, but if we earn his trust and friendship (more than we have) well be able to help him
we planned weekly on the day we were supposed to! woo! first day this cambio.
i did the carpeta de area instead of wasting time or doing recuerdos. it feels better to do what He wants than what I want.
wrote a thank you card to hna loprado (PME ideas for language study) and she was super happy and now keeps it in her scriptures :)
i learned how to cook the cow. the nose is for soup, the foot is for jello, and i now know what the panza is.
hna fidelia had a dream that God told her this church is true, and that she should continue listening and learning from us. hopefuly she does!
e preslar shared his tody negro with us. "you know someone has charity when they share tody".
h cruz shared her testimony on diligence and the spirit hit me strong. she has such a strong testimony and im so grateful for her influence and example to me and everyone else.
han lopardo shared her testimony that when she read the bible, she know who christ is (saber) and what he did. but when she read the book of mormon, she knew him (conocer) poersonalyand who he really IS, not just what He did.. it was powerful and ill never forget her words.
hno fernando recieved the same answer as all of us on what plan we should do to help the ward (visiting/home teachers), even though it wasnt what he had wanted. im proud of him for choosing the Lords will over His.
"estoy enfermo". hna celi (MA) ´s son, neymar, told me he was sick and i said "come here" and i think he hugged my knees for about 10 minutes. hna lopardo played with him with the watter and he forgot he was sad and she brought a giggle to that little boys heart again... it was so cute to see
hna carola veliz is like a walking heart. i dont know if she has mental problems but she is SO sweetm and lightens my day every time i see her. she said shes writing a book, and im the main character haha
not a single drunk man or woman nos molest├│ in the plaza. we had to cross it a couple of times, in the night as well, but we were proteceted. when i lost hna lopardo in the crowd, i found her again and peace was brought back.
h lourdes shared her testimony in fast and testimony meeting about the pwoer of the priesthood and prayers of faith. :) it was super simple and she was nervous but it was powerful and pure. :)
we didnt run out of phone credit this month!!! (last month we ran out on the 15th.. que tiras)

miracles &highlights
1 we visited hna eli, whos a member but starting to inactivate. she was crying, and her granddaughter ran into the room. she stopped, stared at her grandma, and threw her arms around her and kissed her cheek. then she ran away. every time she started to cry, elis granddaughter came. it was so tender to see the love and understanding of a child. i thought of craig, and the moments when the barrier is broken and he consoles the broken hearted. hes my angel. children are angels on earth.
2 hna nelida and miriam walked into the church one night, and asked for a tour. we gave them a tour, they asked what they needed to do to be baptized. WHAT. GOLD. only nelida has come back since, but it was awesome to see the blessings of the fast taking place. theres more to them than i know right now, but well find them and help them.
3 the power of the fast. it was incredible how quickly the Lord blessed us with the blessings we asked for as a companionship and what i asked for personally in our fast. they happened almost as quickly as we got up from our knees praying. i have always had a testimony of the fast, but here in the mission it has changed completely. ive seen MIRACLES take place and i know that He really does bless us when we make sacrifices for Him, whether its going without food and water for 24 hours or something bigger. i dont ever think about food or water during the fast anymore, because i have a stronger faith that He will bless me with what i and others need through my fast and prayer. it has become such an incredible experience for me and im grateful for the opportunity we have each month.

love you all!
hna wilson

mateo 28:19-20
alma 36:24
dyc 6:36-37
alma 34:17-27
juan 20:30-31
moroni 7:41
1 nefi 17:36-37
eter 12:27

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