Monday, May 23, 2016


our slogan for the compañerismo ^^. not in the way of "well do it tomorrow" but in the sense of "tomorrow will be better", and staying positive.

which, i am. :) my companion is amazing and were working HARD, and it feels great. :)

its mandarina season! theyre cheap and when we visit, if were offered food, its a mandarina. :) theyre the size of oranges in the states but sweet. oranges here are actually smaller than the mandarinas.
speaking of... if you call a guy your mandarina, its saying that hes basically a pushover and that hell run to do whatever you want. not sure if its the same for guy -> girl.
yesterday we were locked out of our house bc we lost the keys. we ended up going to the capacitadoras house and got there are 10:25 (ouch). on the way there, hna ururi told me that shes been locked out (or locked in) to her house with every companion so far.... ahhaha
we found out there is a pueblo on the other side of the mountain that is still part of our area. i dont remember what its called but there isnt a single member there, and they speak quechua, and theres a bus that goes up monday and another on thursday, and they come down a different day.... were asking permission tomorrow if we can go up with members and contact every living creature so we can create a branch. :) WELL BE THE FIRST MISSIONARIES TO BRING THE GOSPEL TO THIS TRIBE! if it doesnt get approved, we have interviews with the president wednesday, and ill ask him in person. :)

funny moments
1 "so that the spirit can die in our homes" elder tatum. he meant to say "dwell". morir vs morar. :)
"pero sus ojos son GRANDOTES" hna mishel pakar (but his eyes are HUGE.) i had looked over and 2 she stabbed her finger right in the eye of a cat. hahaha
"what do you call the thing you put on my desk in the morning? chupetón?" yo
"hahahahha no. its called a chupete. chupetón is a hickie." hna ururi. yay for spanish errors.
3 "sergio was GORDITO (fat, chubby) as a little boy!" hna innocencia
"and now? what is he?" hna ururi y wilson
"hahahah! hes still fat." hna innocencia
"just with a little bit of chin hair now." hna wilson
4 "why are you drawing the spain flag?" hnito adriel a elder obregón. hahahah #perúpride
5 "to be honest, i never understood what the missionaries taught me. they were two gringos" hna geraldine, when i asked her about her conversion story
6 hna lourdes asked sergio what JAS (YSA, young single adults) was. he told her that it was for 18-20 years old. she said "oh, so i should be in that class then and go to the activities?" he laughed and said no, because she was already married. funny, but also sweet. :)

blessings & bendiciones

we had a ward NDH and the elders taught about how the house can be a home and the eternal family. e. obgregón said something that will stick with me forever, that the family is forever. if were fighting, were going to be fighting for ever. do we want that? if we dont, now is the time to get along and have love within the family because when we die thats how well continue to be.
hn innocencia found a magnify glass and she can now read the LDM by herself, without being reliant on her family members that "dont have time" to read to her. and she did! :) she read 2 nefi 2, didnt understand it, but we explained it to her and she was so happy to learn. :) its such a blessing to be an AGENT, not an object
WE OFFICIALLY HAVE A HOUSE! there was more stress and more not opening bank accounts but we officially have it all figured out and wont be homeless for the month of june forward. :)
contacting, we found hna angelica. she was super rude and closed in the beginning, making facial expressions and everything, but by the end of the conversation she could tell we were sincere and speaking the truth and she opened up to us and wants us to come back. she went from being angry to laughing with us at the end and confiding in us. she has lots of questions but im so excited for the challenge. :) the gospel has already began to change her.
i arrived to ward council with a good feeling in my heart. we had just had a powerful lesson with hno jhalmar about the mission and his potential as a priesthood power. the spirit was strong in my heart and we had an efficient ward council.
hna ururi left a lollipop (chupete) on my desk one morning with a note saying that we were going to have a day full of success and it would be sweet, like this lollipop. its the little things that mean the most. i still havent eaten the lollipop but the note is taped into my agenda. <3
we had a NDH with the familia crespo and painted rocks to put under the pillows to remind them to read the LDM. meri drew the temple on hers, and picked "families can be together forever" for the opening hymn :) it makes me happy that she and juan both have the desire to be sealed in the temple, the hard part will just getting them to follow through with that desire and read the LDM. it was a big rock, dont worry. :)
hna ururi is studying so hard to learn english! and in return im praying hard that she can. she took a whole day to study the part fo the test that she struggled with and earned a perfect score the next day, even with me as a hard grader. im proud of her :)
hna geraldine went on visits with us and was on time! even better, she has a powerful testimony and wants to go on a mission. :)
hearing and seeing adriel, santi, and lucas crespo laughing and playing together. one of the purest and best sounds of the world is children giggling.
i didnt vomit my lunch, i finished it all. it was the fried mystery meat dish again, and man.. me cuesta. the mountain of rice and papas helped overpower the taste.
hna lourdes had the humility to tell us that she really doesnt know anythign about the gospel bc shes been inactive for so long, and that its like teaching a child or person knowing the church for the first time, but that she really appreciates it and shes learning a lot and growing in her testimony. :)
hna margarita crespo wants to share the gospel with her friends and help them but doesnt know how. we talked to her about the Spirit helping her (dyc84:85) but that first she needs to be worthy and read/pray/go to church. hopefully this will help her be active, and bring others to the gospel as well. :)
we completed goals for the week!!!! not all of them, but for nuevos & retenciones (new and CR/MA) yes! :)

miracles &highlights

1 hna gutierrez taught the BEST lesson ive ever heard on family history work. he explained the spirit world & the need we have for them/ for us. he explained how if we were to die in that moment, wed go (hypothetically) to spirit paradise bc half an hour earlier we had taken the sacrament. how wed be so happy, and immediately start looking for our family. and how the barrier between spirit paradise&prison was a glass wall, and on the other side of that wall, we could see our ancestors, the ones we were looking for.. but that they were suffering, and they asked us why we didnt do their work for them, and that our shame would be eternal and that there would be nothing we could do to save them and bring them to our side to be happy and united. example number two was how we go to the temple so happy, and how our ancestors who never had the chance to accept or hear this gospel are praying wed do their work and take their name to the temple. how they too were excited when they knew we were going to the temple tuesday. how tuesday morning, they saw us getting ready and leaving for th temple, and stil praying wed take their name. and that when we didnt, that they STILL continue to pray- even if its weeks, months, and years. his lesson had a strong impact on me. life isnt the same without family, and NOW is the time to make the eternal family a reality. were the only ones who can save them.

2 in teaching the word of wisdom to hna lourdes, she had a couple of concerns. i shared with her DyC 19:16-17, and testified of the Atonement and Jesus Christ. how He shed tears of blood. she also was brought to tears, filled with the spirit. after the lesson, and walking home, the spirit was so strong in my heart. i came to the realization that when we truly do teach and testify of Christ, the spirit comes in a whole different way. it is more powerful and the people we teach will be able to more easily accept the teachings and feel of their truth. i understood better that i am here to testify of HIM, and of His Atoning Sacrifice. and that in doing so, i will be able to bring more souls until Him to be saved.

I know my Savior lives. I love Him. My heart and soul are filled with gratitude for His sacrifice, the sacrifice of the Father for sending Him, and this time I have to represent and testify of Him.

Hna Wilson

alma 34: 31-32
dyc 45:3-5
1 cor 6:19-20. He paid for our bodies with the Atonement.

Hermana Wilson
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 with santiago crespo and his "panda". hes adorable and so is his perrito. :)

after one of the most painful&heartbreaking moments of the mission and a day full of letdowns, we decided to buy a pizza. what better way to cheer us up that eat pizza? no hay.

 the future eternal family. :) hna meri, juan, and lucas crespo

 i love meri. :) 
(in some ways, her personality reminds me of riley.
shoutout to my eternal best friend. <3 )

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