Monday, May 16, 2016


OH; MI COMPAÑERA (como dice hna ipanaqué haha).
HERMANA URURI IS AMAZING. i think i could be with her for the rest of the mission and be happy forever. (which wont happen, because this is my third cambio here.. boo). she is truly AMAZING. she is the answer to my prayers. she is super hardworking, for one. (contacts everyone, wants to work, excited to work, etc) she is super obedient, for two. (probably my first companion that has left the bed at 6:30 en punto and done her exercises) and shes super happy and positive for three! she literally ALWAYS has a smile on her face and she gives me a smile in return and were just so happy all day long every day. she reminds me of the latina version of hna brady haha. shes perfect. she has every single one of the christlike attributes. i feel like we could be best friends for eternity &so hopefully she doesnt end up hating me. :p i cant even describe how happy i am to be with her. she is helping me return to the missionary i can be, want to be, and what He wants of me. she inspires me. shes super strong. her parents arent members and she doesnt have very much family or support at all, but she is still a stud misionera and working full strong. :) she is from Tacna Perú, cono Sur. she has three brothers. she wants to learn how to play soccer. she has a flash of music with a speaker (YES). she is beautiful, inside and out and all around. :)

SHOUTOUT to mckenna and aunt deanna being famous!!!! hahahahah. ill never forget that, and neither will the rest of the world!!! :p interesting way to fame but hey, it works! ahha. :) i love you both!
david&alicia for being engaged! i wish you two the best!!
kyle tracy!! your wedding pictures are perfect! SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO! :)

randoms.. just one.
tupisa means "pueblo pequeño, infierno grande" (little people/town, big hell) ahhaha. so great :)

funny moments
"theyre only mission ward Zion, and ward you-are-going-to-suffer". hna jonovich
hna ururi and i picked up the Toddy and pulled out a cookie at the same time. UNIDAD.
hna ururi contacted a cholita and asked if she wanted to learn more, and she said "NO." and walked away hahah
"hola! hola! hola! up here!" -hno octavio, our neighbor yelling from the 4th piso as we were walking... i could barely see him because of the sun

when hna lopardo left i was at peace because i KNOW for a fact she is going to be okay, great in fact, in tupisa. she grew so much these past two cambios and i did too.
the familia crespo likes hna ururi! they werent mean to her, they accepted her. :)
hna meri and migeulina crespo shared their experiences about their baptism and how they knew the church was true. they dont open up completely very often, it was a tender moment. :)
we found nuevos! (new people to teach). it feels SO GOOD.
after doing lots of contacting, in just one day we had about 5 golden referrals for the elderes- all of them live in their area. BUT. God is merciful and the LZ called us with a reference of a family and we had an FHE with them saturday and it went great. :) super excited! familia luna.
theres a huge change in hno juan crespo! he wanted NOTHING to do with the church earlier... but one day, he read his LDM for HOURS, and told us he wants to be sealed in the temple with his wife and little boy, (they have a little girl named NATALIE on the way)... what?! miracles are happening. :)
reading the BOM out loud with hna ururi. she wants to learn english and she is super humble with the process and she repeats the words until she gets them right and it makes me so happy that she wants to learn, wants my help, and im determined to help her. :)
hna jonovich is probably the only gringa that speaks spanish with me, which makes me happy. :) we were in intercambios mas o menos because hna gonzález got two wisdom teeth pulled (without amnesia or pain killers, shes a stud).
when i was with hna jonovich, we were looking for the hnas de linde... we couldnt find them and they werent answering their phone. we were in a street looking at the options of which direction, hna jonovich looked at the tienda in the corner and said "bueno, tengo sed." (im thirsty). we went to the tienda, rang the doorbell, and the hnas de linde were in the tienda teaching a lesson! WHAT! it was so simple but powerful. that thirsty feeling wasnt from her, it was Him helping us find the hnas. promptings come in all forms! :)
we taught hna lourdes the gospel of JC and we applied every point directly to her and she shared her testimony on almost every point.. shes progressing so much and im so happy and proud of her. :) she told us she thinks shes pregnant!! she thinks its a girl! shes going to call it NATALIE ARACELI!!! :D
hna prima said she would be more than happy to be our pensionista in june! so grateful. shes the elder´s pensionisa, but were going to be eating at different hours and then in july once again we will be changing... itll be a race, if i can have more pensionistas or compañeras... i thinkk pensionistas are winning..
papito gave us a bag of milk, a bunch of bananas, bread, and mandarinas to go for our dinner/breakfast. he loves us so much and is truly an angel here on earth.
in our district meeting we talked about the diff missionary types and the types we want to be, and in the zone meeting we talked about how we were forordained to be missionaries and to be where we are. it was a good reminder and the spirit touched my heart.
i can officially compare lessons to futbol haha. how the eternal family is like a futbol team, and every member is important, and they all have a different role, and how we can supoprt each other, etc. futbol is the way to the heart of the people here in bolivia, que suerte que puedo jugar.
had strong stomache pains, but hna ururi heated up some water to put against my stomache and hna innoncencia fixed me mate. its a humbling and special experience to have people take care of you. im not used to it.
hno jaime, (hna lourde´s husband) came to church!! :) only for the first hour because he had a meeting afterwards, but hes trying to quit his job even though hes position #3 over the entire trufi line 106, because he wants to go to CHURCH! :) he wants to be BAPTIZED! :) theyre not letting him quit, because theyll lose a lot of money, but with prayers i know itll work out!

miracles and highlights
1 as stated above... my compañera. :) shes AMAZING, and an answer to my prayers.
2 im earning my pillow once again every night. :) i have peace and joy with the work were doing. im exhausted again at the end of the day! but its a good exhaustion, and i fall asleep with a smile.
3 the Church is changing how we pay for house &pension, instead of sending us money to our bank cards and we fill out a receipt with the people, theyre going to be sending money directly to the people. the problem is that not very many people have bank acounts. which is why we are changing to hna prima for the pension, bc hno jose doesnt have one and doesnt want to open one (hopefully he changes his mind so we can go back to him in july, if not the bishops wife hna lirio said she could). but the crazy part is our dueña (house owner). she said before she had a bank acount, but when we filled out the papers with her it was a bank account of a company- not personal, and we got a call saturday night saying we needed to find a new house by tuesday if she didnt want to open a person account. WHAT. a little stressful, to say the least, but with the 10,000 prayers (maybe just 9,999) we said from the bottom of our hearts, and the combined faith of us and our leaders and a few ward members, our dueña told us yesterday she changed her mind and shes going to open up an account. :) it was amazing to me, the miracle He blessed us with, and my faith grew incredibly.

i dont doubt for a second that we are His children. He loves us. He knows what is best for us. and He will help us, if we ask Him in faith "nothing doubting". <3

hermana wilson

alma 34:31-32
alma 36:3
dyc 31:5
nefi 19:6
juan 10:17-18

meditar for this week: DyC 19:16-17.

Hermana Wilson

 picking up hna ururi from the airport. :)

home sweet home!

  this picture makes me laugh, e obregon wasnt trying to pose but hna ingrid took the picture early and thats what it looks like

e. tatum photobombing our PIL french toast picture

 matching PIL aprons with papito

my beautiful compañera with our beautiful french toast & icecream <3 

 noche misional! 

hno jaime´s first of many days at church <3 (hna wilson, hna ururi, julie (hermana), lourdes, jaime)

our last day together and we found a yellow bug, FINALLY, after trying for 2 cambios of taking a picture of one driving! SUCCESS! (i taught her the game bryce and i play).

saying goodbye to the familia crespo (rosemeri, hna wilson, hna lopardo, adriel, miguelina, jhalmar, juan, lucas in front)

 saying goodbye to the familia varela (hna wilson, who looks like a giant, abril, hna lopardo, carol, jose- nuestro pensionista)

saying goodbye to the familia manzaneda-vidaurre, (hna lopardo, lourdes, jaime, hna wilson&julie- lourde´s sister, in front)

 hugs goodbye (literally)

@breakfast with papito, we made goodbye panqueques

GUESS WHO I FOUND IN THE AIRPORT!? hna silvano. <3 i tried taking a picture with all of my 7 compañeras in luigis on pday, but hna silvanos comp didnt want to go.... but luckily bc she too is being shipped off to tupisa, i found her in the airport. :) love this woman &i think this picture is one of the most perfect fotos ive taken in the mission. <3 it was a tender mercy for us both. :)

hasta luego hna lopardo, hna beltran ( mi hermanita) & hna silvano! te amo!

 i truly am going to miss this mujer. 
shes grown to be such an important person to me and ill never forget her. <3

hand hugging goodbye papito

 she found a banana ice cream, with the peel and all. <3

not sure if ive sent this, but this is the familia vidaurre complete. :) 

 saying goodbye to one of the best elders ive met, elder preslar! such a great example to the entire mission, dont be surprised if hes  a future aposto

 foto from the NDH we had with hno jaima &the candles i described last week. one of the most memorable and powerful nights of the mission for me. i have such love for these people and this work. <3 

  SO PROUD of this woman. <3

you wont understand the importance of this picture, but we do. <3

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