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i strongly considered calling this email "suck it up" but i figured its more appropriate as a subtitle..

SHOUTOUT TO HAILEY WILLIAMS FOR FINISHING THE MISSION! Im proud of you and am fully expecting lots of photos and hand written letters now that you have all the time you want. ;) I LOVE YOU!!

-So it has been discovered hna vargas is not my blood daughter, more of an adopted faughter, but I love her and we will work through what comes our way together.
-anticreticos. You “buy” a house for 2 years (usually) and live there during that time and when the contract is up the homeowners give you back the exact amount of money you gave them. It works for the people because they live for free (literally) and for the homeowners because they can take out money fast from the bank without interest. Interesting.
-the house numbers are whatever the people want
-once upon a time there was a robber. His friends got away but he didn’t and the neighborhood tied him to a pole and burned him. By the time the police got their it was too late.
-when you leave the dinner table (or any meal) you have to say gracias to every person before getting up and then they tell you PROVECHO
-it is now officially unallowed to teach the opposite sex if they are under the age of 30 in the mission Bolivia CBBA (but in zona QC there aren’t elders and hnas in any of the wards so the rule doesn’t apply to our zone for now). Apparently there were too many people getting baptized for the missionaries. And not the gospel.
-other thing we don’t have… L/F1 in the mission.  Que triste.
-the first /main thing people wish /pray for me is my safety…. Thank you. <3
-its URKIPIÑA! People from all over the world come to quillacollo for the celebration of the virgin, and although its beautiful to see the culture and dances its also unsafe with all the barachos so were homeprisoned. Again.
-as part of that ^^ its one of the tradtions to walk to the mountain, get a rock, and it will make you wealthy for that year but you have to return the rock the next year or its bad luck (watered down explanation).

funny moment
"saludos a su nueva mama" -the mom of hermana vargas (in la paz)

-i like doing 12 semanas with my hijita. i can feel the Spirit and im learning right alongside of her, repassing the things ive learnd in the past and learning more.
-were teaching hermana jhaneth claros with her two kids now, and its so much better with all of the family there. :) (her husband works in the mines and only comes home for one or two days at the end of the month).
-IT RAINED MIERCOLES. (as in the day, miercoles haha.) i couldnt have been happier and i think my companion thought something was wrong with me haha.
-hna fredy said he recieved a respuesta (its so hard to translate to enlglish) to be baptized. :) he had a tranquilidad and he felt lighter, more free, and happy. :) hes turning 16 at the end of the month if i havent mentioned that already.
-por FIN i talked with this joven that is always waving or smiling at me like he knows me but i only run into him as im getting out and hes getting into a trufi or running across the street, etc. turns out he doesnt know me, and im not sure if hes just a snake, but i testified powerfully to him and if he comes to church well go from there.
-another person we saw in the calle was hno narciso. ive never seen him anywhere besides church or his house and it was fun to run into him and even better to see his smile. i swear he glowed he was so happy!!! ill never forget his smile or his face. is that what people think when they see mine? hm.
-hna casique told me that presidente LOVES me, a LOT.. and i asked what she meant and she told me she had her interview with him and they talked about me. shes going to give me more details this week in intercambios but i thought it was sweet. in my weekly letter presidente told me he loves me, and hermana hansen too.... theyre seriously such incredible people. i love them.
-hno roger came to church!!!! hes nataliy(I)s brother. one of the old misioneras here told him he would go to hell if he didnt get baptized and a member in that same lesson gave him a lecture on how he needs to serve a mission etc etc, and needles to say roger stopped accepting visits and disappeared for months. BUT HE CAME BACK. :) and hopefully hes back to stay.
-hna claribel (hno narcisos daughter) asked us if it was true we didnt have a pension for the day on sunday and we said yes (neisa and cristian are in la paz) and she said "get in (she has a car). there will always be something for you in my home." and we passed a lovely sunday lunch with the familia cayo. :) it was very special. <3

1 NEFI WANTS TO MARRY MEBETABEL. (long story on that one, no time to write it). but long story short, MEBETABEL CAN GET BAPTIZED NOW! :) we still have to talk dates with them but we think that the 20th they can sign the papers, the 27 get married, and the 3 of september she will enter the waters of baptism and start her new life following the example of christ!!!!!!!!! :D im so happy for her & for them.
2 we read "how to become a consrgrated missionary" together yesterday and me di cuenta that realmente SOY una misionera consagrada. im obviously not perfect but despite all my flaws and mistakes im a completely different missionary than who i was at the beginning, and im also i happier missionary with every step and progress i make in becoming more consegrated. :) (funny how that works). it was a tender mercy from God to be able to see in myself my progress. its one of my biggest wishes for my hijita, that she can become to be a consegrated missionary.... poco a poco, right?
3 yesterday at church the bishop, the bishops counselors, and about 5 other ward members told hna vargas that she has a "great" companion, an "excellent" companion, and "the best mamá". it was something super special to hear, not to feed my pride but because i have gained a ton of confidence and respect and love from the ward and the ward leaders in such a short time. before i got here (and they still mention it) they called the previous missionaries "tourists"... so to see them acknowledge that i truly do love the Lord´s work and His people means the world to me. the secret to success is the members and poco a poco were getting there. :)
waiting for sleepiness to arrive hermana vargas and i were talking about the days events and she said "but theyre right. i do have the best mom." and it was just so sweet of her to say that and it made me smile there in the dark (sorry that sounds creepy, i promise it wasnt.)

i truly do love this work. I love it because I love the Lord and I have felt His love for me time and time again, as well as the perfect love He has for each and every one of His children. It´s the greatest blessing to be trusted with this missionary calling to preach His word and help them feel and enter into His love.

yesterday, just sitting at my desk, i felt the Spirit. i felt it in my very core. my heart beat slowly but with a strength and firmness that cant be explained but i felt i might burst. it is sometimes in the moments we least expect it that the Spirit can enter our hearts and reconfirm to us that this, all of this, is true and eternal. i know it with all my heart and id never dream of denying it.

i pray you can have simliar experiences this week. thank you for your prayers. <3

hermana wilson.
juan 17:3. <3

Hermana Wilson

i was the bolivian flag for 6 de agosto (dia de bolivia). VIVA VINTO 

amo a mi hijita

this is the missionary who baptized hermana custode (ñauñay).
shes home from the mission now, and lives here in CBBA. HOW COOL. :) 

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