Monday, August 22, 2016

Do you believe in miracles?

i do. 100%. especially after this week.

if we shower at night we shower by candlelight bc the light and hot water cant be turned on at the same time.
there is now a spanish quad for the scriptures.
after 5 years they dig up the dead in the cementaries if you dont pay for another 5 years and sell the space to someone else. the respect for the dead is a little different here to say the least.
my blood BOILS to hear children being beaten or screaming in pain or seeing them not able to walk straight.
i love the cochabamba clouds. theyre literally the best.
i have never seen so many crippled and disformed legs in my life than i have here in vinto. it makes my heart hurt.
i cant have food and not share it with the person next to me. (the only exception being my icecream. instead i just buy one for them.)
la floresta, my first area, had about 5 baptisms last month and some of them are people i found/was teaching. :) delayed blessings.
logging into my missionary account it said i was serving in jamaica... maybe a reasignment is in place? well see haha. be jealous brad davis.

funny moments
1"just tell him in english hermana. he learned how to do it the first time in english and theres no way hes going to learn again in spanish." e robbins (i was teaching e crosby how to tie his shoes like traci taught me.. shout out, i love you prima <3)
2"i always tried convincing the waitress to give me two cherries" -elder
"i bet that was real hard with your girlfriend right next to ya, wasnt it?" e robbins
3 "we cant tell them the devil is the head of their church.. even though he is." e cortez
4 "im not a missionary. i can and will hit you." neisa (there was a drunk following h vargas and h casique inches away whispering in their ears in intercambios)
5"bueno.. uh.. callate!... uh.. hermana, i was just calling to let you know you dont have to come to the priesthood session of stake conference.." e fierro
6 "we have a special connection" yo (andy and i communicate by facial expressions)

-i trust e fierro and e robbins 100% as my zone leaders. son muy buenos.
-e fierro helped me find the answer to a doctrinal question i have that wasnt sure how to respond to for investigators
-i studied by topic in my estudio personal (EP), the amor of padre celestial (oh spanglish, sorry english speakers). i felt His love so strongly and i knew de nuevo sin duda that i am HIS daughter.
-h custode (ñauñay) wrote me a note and told me that thanks to me, she doesnt have fear to contact in the street. :) if you knew her whole story, youd be brought to tears like i was. <3
-h mebetabel told us she wasnt sure if she was going to separate from nefi and move back in with her parents in santa cruz. i told her it didnt matter to me where, just that she gets baptized. i would love to see it obviously but her happiness and salvation is more important to me. testifying of that, the spirit testified to me thatit really isnt anything about me this work, its about them.
-hno gary (CR) is super sincere. (did i spell that correctly?) he asked that in my closing prayer, i pray for help that he can read and pray every day. that he knows its going to be hard but he wants to do it, he just needs a little support.
-h hansen told me i am literally the best companion h vargas could have right now. (she is SUPER homesick.) that i am the most loving missionary the mission has, and that i AM helping her. she told me that at some point h vargas will have to make the decision if she wants to be here or no, but that the decision will be hers and has nothing to do with me. it gave me peace. hna hansen also told me she loves me.
-intercambios with hna males, we contacted all morning and talked to anyone and everyone and man have i missed that, it gave me such a joy...
-h males told me im a diligent missionary that realmente loves this work.. i was super happy she was able to seee that in me, i feel like i can always improve my diligence but she thinks i already am diligent. i guess i judge myself too hard.
-THE MOON.. friday it was bigger than ive ever SEEN. (LATM.<3)
-i saw hno james and his wife (my first ward mission leader from la floresta, hes now the first counselor to pres. hansen) at stake conference in the adult session.. they (she) expressed their love for me and she hugged me about 5 minutes long. they havent forgotten me. :) i LOVE them. hes going to be a general authority someday soon.
-we practiced english in the street and h vargas learns super quickly and knows a lot. i love teaching english. :) maybe ill just get released and stay here in latin america...
-seeing hno narcisos smile when presidente hansen met and talked with him after stake conference.. it was so special, he was so happy, he was like a walking light.
-"please bless the misioneras, who we consider a real part of our family..." hna marcelina cayo. :)
-i love greetting people at the door for church and conferences. we saludo-ed (hows that for spanglish) at the door and it was so special seeing that we were able to help the people feel welcomed and happy. i am now super sick because of kissing and shaking a thousand hands but hey, it was worth it. tiji. (ill be fine mama).

where to start??
1 the elders from sipe sipe (e crosby and e riquette) had a whole ROW (the big middle ones) of people come for stake conference from the camino a oruro, a journey more than 4 hours from the mountains. i dont have the foto, ill ask for someome to send it to me, but it was INCREDIBLE seeing them there and just realizing how much faith they have. it warmed my heart. I LOVE THE BOLIVIAN PEOPLE.
2. at stake conference in the adult session they announced we were going to sing "jesus es mi luz" even though it wasnt programmed.. but it didnt matter.. it was like the people from liberia that were mentioned in general conference abril 16, in the sense that everyone had it memorized- all the verses- and sang with their entire souls! it was incredible!!! they were singing testimonies to the world it felt like that they each KNOW with all their existence that Christ lives and is the head of this church!
hno narciso. if you remember who he is, he is about 60 years old, hes known the missionaries since he was 17, and his wife is a temple worker. he comes to church every sunday but isnt baptized. well.. to cut things short.. this week we visited him after two weeks. i was about to just get to the lesson thinking he wouldnt remember the compromiso we left him but the spirit urged me to verificar like always so i did. this is the convo:
"hno narciso, did you pray about Gods will for you and your life?" hna wilson
a smile. "yes." narciso.
(my heart jumped a mile.)
"hno narciso did you pray about if you should be baptized at this moment in your life?" h wilson
bigger smile. "yes." narciso.
i about died.
"and? what answer did you recieve?" h wilson.
 he explained to us that he prayed and felt a happiness he hadn´t experienced before; he knows the BOM is true, he knows the Church is true, and he knows he needs (and wants) to be baptized. He told us he wanted to go out and share this message with those in the street. I almost cried. He explained that I was the first missionary to not give up on him, that I always visited him and brought to him the message he needed. We put a fecha for September 10th and shared a powerful message on the Atonement of how to overcome his feelings of tristeza that he sometimes feels. Leaving the house I hugged Hermana Vargas harder than ever.
"hes been waiting for so long! his family has been waiting for hears! heaven has been waiting for him!" h wilson
"no. he was waiting for you."h vargas
 I truly feel and have felt since I´ve met Hermano Narciso that he is one of the people I was meant to findhere in the mission, that his family is one of the families in torment i am to help.. how difficult it must be for his wife, a temple worker, to be in the place most cerca al cielo and know that if she or he were to die this moment, their marriage and family ties would end right then and there? to crave to be with him there, but to be alone?
. We offered a prayer of thanks right there in the street and Alma 26:11-12 came to my mind. I know that this is HIS work, HIS mission, and I am just an instrument in HIS hands. I give all the credit of Vinto to the Lord and walk these streets with a grateful heart that He is letting me be here to witness the miracles unfold.

i have literally never had so many people with answers that this is the true church and desires to be baptized. it is such a tender mercy to be here and i know there is a ton of work to do but i will walk and talk until i cant anymore. and even then, maybe ill do an army crawl like kira and keep on going. i truly love this work and i couldnt be happier, despite the trials that try to tear me down. they cant.

be SAFE, please. (that means you too, dad...)
 i love you all!
Hermana Wilson
i samuel 3:4-10
deut. 6:7

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