Monday, August 8, 2016


so i love my wawa and i think this is one of the happiest times in the mission for me. :)

WILSON´S WAWITS; HERMANA VARGAS de La Paz (el alto). shes my youngest companion of 19 añitos no más and she s a convert of 2 years. she has the sweetest heart. i think my favorite thing about her is that shes HUMBLE. but i also admire her desires to improve, that she does something about those desires, and she wants to be obdedient. oh, and that she doesnt have a problem doing the dishes and she cleans up after herself.. little things that arent life or death but definitely make life happier. :) she already loves, trusts, and respects me. shes already progressing so much. its going to be a greeeeeat cambio.

SHOUTOUT to sabrina dahle!! youre going to virginia!!! a little late i know but hey, say hi to the bolivians for me. :) supuestamente theres a lot over there. YOURE GOING TO BE GREAT! <3

random things..
so my dog had puppies, and no one told me she was pregnant.... hmm...........
i pulled a muscle (or something else, not sure) in my hand it hurts HORRIBLY to type or write or anything with my hand. (youre welcome momma).
idk wh but my cuticuls (how do you spell that, jeffrey?) are peeling and bleeding.. tips?
the color of the cholita´s falda doesnt have an importance but the length, sí.
if someone can find bracelets that say "MAMA WILSON" and "WILSONS WAWITS", i love you and the address is somewhere over there >>>>
i think my left foot has grown a half size (shoutout to riley, itll make you love my feet even more now haha).
oh, bolivia. <3

funny moments
"i dont like futbol, i like basketball" hna vargas "why dont you like futbol¿¿" hna wilson "haha i think thats the first time ive heard a gringa ask that question" elder cortez
"how much time do you have in the mission, hermana? i can tell by your placa that youre a viajita" -an elder that served here a couple years ago, e asqui
"im from la paz" hna wilson "seriously?" jared "yes" yo "and where do they fabric hermanas like you in bolivia?" jared
"this caramelo is picante!!" alvin
"are you sore?" hna vargas "my whole BODY hurts!" fredy

when i was in linde for a day or two with hna gutierrez before our hijitas were born, we were up on a hill and i looked down at all the CBBA lights and it hit me that God is putting a lot o trust in us with His precious children.
h custode gave me one last big hug. i know she loves me. she tells me all the time, everytime we talk now. i love her too. (now hermana ñauñay)
pres hansen taught us at the cristo that "this is the largest cristo in all of the world.. but these bolivians stilll dont really know who He is, what He did for them, and the future that awaits them." touched my heart. <3
todo el MUNDO wants to meet my hijita. :) she feels super welcomed and happy that people she doesnt even know love her #wilsonswawits
h vargas told me that when she was in colombia (she was in the mission colombia for a month, then went home sick, and got reasigned to me ahora) she hated going out to work but now she LOVES it. :)
we taught natalia (MA) the restoration and it was so natural, powerful, applied to her, and backed up by scriptures.. something i definitely wasnt able to do at the beginning of the mission. im getting better. :) (still a long ways to go)
natalia´s kids were flying paper airplanes tied to a string standing above the river (public baño), smiling and wathing the 3 foot string fly.. it touched my heart that they find pure joy in life without having "anything", but truly they have everything. they have family.

miracles & highlights
my very first day with hermana vargas before we even left the mission home, i KNEW that she is who God wants me to be with. i was given a love for her before she was even my hijita. we had a very special, special moment where she cried, i held her, and the spirit gave me the words she needed to hear.. i felt something i think moms feel in that moment, like it was my responsibility to be strong and loving for one of God´s children. weve had bonding experiences every day this week and im so happy and hopeful for this cambio.

God has blessed me with a ton of energy and happiness this week. everyday ive had it with me, a pure joy, and how i feel has rubbed off on hermana vargas. she is now not homesick at all (which is a big improvement, she was in tears constantly the first few hours together). she and i are both finding true JOY in working diligently and being obedient. when she picked her three top stresses from the list, not one of them was homesickness or any time of emotional stress. she has forgotten her sadness. i have forgotten the stress. and were HAPPY.

one of the things president asks us is to make sacrifices for our hijitos and encourage them to participate in the important tasks of the mission.. well, i let hermana vargas have the opportunity of putting a baptismal fecha with fredy (ESCOGIDO- he came to church alone last week, we met him, he came this week 45 minutes early for church with a white shirt and tie.. he already looks like a priest. :D ) and it was such a strong spiritual experience for me, i can only imagine what it was for her. he said "claro" with a smile. :) he turns 16 at the end of this month and his baptism is for sep 10, we´ll see how that goes, but im so grateful for this tender mercy of the Lord. :)

testimonies ive gained & strengthed this week would probably be about the obedience and diligence. i know that when we follow God´s plan and do all we can to complete with His will, we have a joy that doesnt get taken away no matter what happens in life. the rejections we face as missionaries (or members in general) dont change the message. nothing can change the message. this message, this Gospel, is true and eternal and brings joy to anyone and everyone who accepts and lives it.

SEA FELIZ. SEA MORMON. (they go together.)

hermana wilson

dyc 31
juuan 17:3
dyc 123:17

Hermana Wilson

cooking anticuchos (shoutout to jacob) with our ward mission leader, crisitan and his wife/our pensionista, neisa

 our ward activity minute-to-winute style

 neisa made pizza for hna ñauñay´s last day

 welcome to the world, HIJITA. :) 

 new moms! :) 

hna gutierrez, my compie for 1-2 days

this is the sidewalk. dont worry, it wasnt me

 youre in luck, He has a plan for you

elder cortez and elder riquette

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