Monday, August 29, 2016

fotos from la actividad de zona hoy dia.. 
we went to the ruinas de sipe sipe. i wouldnt recommend it, 
there wasnt much there after a 2 hour sketchy trufi ride but hey. 
we made memories and got some exercise. 

 zone pic: elders riquette, cortez, santos, van skyhawk, crosby, wilstead, fierro, farroñan, hammond, cortez, robbins, guido.  and... nosotras afrente. mana kanchu c/ las hermanas.. 

 elderes cortez (LD) and riquette

happy birthday e santos!!! welcome to bolivian birthdays

my wawa made hard caramel apples. those things are teeth breakers

mi wawa me ama. (dont pay attention to my night stand mom. im fine.)

 the ward conference flowers.. i love bolivian flower arrangements

hno gary CR !!! 
hes super great and were helping him get ready for the mission

  i love my ovejas negras. :D

 this is nefi and mebetabel. (the choko is nefis sobrino, not part of the family. the little girl is the sobrina of another family.)

a normal foto. i love my wawa. :)

e robbins, fierro, h vargas, wilson, e santos, van skyhawk

  this is hna janet, with her kids jhordan (12), jhenifer (10), and jon alejandro (8) .theyre the cutest little family. :) and they also have 8 adorable puppies. :) 

 2090 feliz urkupiña!!

making the best of the soup experience

the night hno narciso told us he knows the Church and LDM are true 
and wants to be baptized. :) 18 de agosto. <3

saying goodbye to the mishel pakar, future misionera de colombia. :)

we found 2 killer abispas in our bathroom.... the type that paralyze you if they sting you..
seriously theyre insane.. my compañera woke up to me like this haha.

 hna casique braided the mane

 i saw hno miguel james (first ward mission leader, now pres hansens first counselor) and his wife at the adult session of stake conf. :) I LOVE THEM. &they still love me. :) 

remember to do the carpeta hijitas y hijitos. even if its late. and youre tired.
or need to use the bathroom. ("this instant" as h cicotte says). vale la pena

with presidente y hermana hansen after stake conference, LOS ALAMOS. 
literally the best stake conference ive ever been to.

 marcelina cayo, marcela cayo, vito (future husband of marcela), jared (bishops son) , bishop raul jauregui, freddy melina (keep him in your prayers please), mama wilson y wilsons wawa

FELIZ DIA DE BOLIVIA! barrio vinto after our service project. (6 agosto)

i got a puppy!!! just kidding. but puppy love and fur therapy is a real thing

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